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Sail into the isolated wilds of Norway’s extreme north, beyond the Arctic Circle, on a quest to capture the stories of one of Europe’s most remote and beautiful regions.  


Aboard a polar-equipped expedition vessel, navigate a world of ethereal lightshows, past fjords and patchwork archipelagos. Put ashore in sheltered coves to explore and photograph trading-post villages. What is life really like in Norway’s northern frontier?  


This journey unfolds in the company of Norway native Jonas Bendiksen, a critically-acclaimed Magnum photographer adept at shooting the stories of local communities.


Through photography workshops in the field, discover and be inspired by the visual eye of a globally renowned photojournalist. 


Image credits: Jonas Bendiksen/Magnum Photos. Vesteraalen, 2012 and Altai Territory, 2000

Northern Exposure

Magnum photographer Jonas Bendiksen cites themes of community, faith and identity as central to a career that has taken him all over the world, from recording vanishing villages in Greenland to photographing fallen soviet satellites on the plains of Central Asia. 

For this journey Jonas takes the lead in his home country of Norway, conducting photography workshops in the field and providing a native point of entry into the human stories that lie at the heart of this untamed region. 

Imparting the vital lessons learned over a career that spans several decades, join Jonas for two hands-on photography workshops offshore, capturing the costal communities and striking landscapes of the Lofoten islands. On board the vessel, a third workshop with Jonas offers guests a look behind the scenes, providing practical advice that covers technical know-how, storytelling techniques and editing workflows.

Image credit: Jonas Bendiksen/Magnum Photos. Nesoddtangen, 2021

In the land of fjords 

Following the contours of north Norway’s fissured coast, life is revealed at its most elemental. Orcas and humpback whales chase spawning herring between islands home to restive colonies of birds. On shore, pristine boreal forests of birch and pine present an aspect of northern Norway distinct from the quiet magic of sheltered beaches where no footprints mark the sand. 

Image credit: Jonas Bendiksen/Magnum Photos. Vesteraalen, 2012.

Living on Europe's wild fringe

The enduring human story of northern Norway is written in the communities that populate remote hamlets where hardy homes are wired to the ground to withstands storms, and where painted rorbu, traditionally the wooden abodes of cod fishing families, teeter on stilts over the water. Explore vibrant island villages like Husøy and meet the community members who call the picturesque Lofoten Islands their home.  

Image credit: Jonas Bendiksen/Magnum Photos. Trollstigen, 2016.

A heritage vessel that truly belongs

With its 10-ton crane, ice-keel and reinforced hull, your base for the expedition, a former buoy-laying ship, is no stranger to northern Norway’s waters. Before its stately refurbishment to a passenger craft in 2020, this was a working vessel, built to service the local communities and their many lighthouses and buoys that act as waypoints along the wild Norwegian coastline. A converted bridge offers panoramic views, while a pair of zodiac craft allow for shore-landings and the opportunity to scout up-close for marine wildlife. 

Image credit: Jonas Bendiksen/Magnum Photos. Svalbard, 2016.


Jonas Bendiksen

A renowned Magnum Photos photojournalist based near Oslo, Jonas explores themes of community, faith and identity throughout his work. 



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